20 06, 2018

Bitter Racist Of The Day

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Translation: I'm here in Ipoh Starbuck. The place was packed. Most of the patrons here are the Chinese (he wrote "sepet" as in to describe the type of eyes that most Chinese have). There were none of people that were oppressed because there are plenty who drink starbuck. This had happened from hefore and had [...]

22 03, 2018

Pre General Election Antics: Menteri Besar Negeri 9 on Violence

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It's that time of the every 5 years again. Its GENERAL ELECTION TIME! Like always politicians will try their best to upped one another and giving their best effort on who is the dumbest of them all. In this particular video, a Menteri Besar (First Minister) proudly asking his follower to go into those shop [...]

5 09, 2017

WTF Local: Ego of an Idiot

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EWe've all been there at some point of life, someone around us either going through a messy divorce or a brutal custody battle. Whoever it is, whether our own family, our relatives or our friends and even a friend of a friend; when we heard about someone is getting a divorce we would automatically be [...]

2 09, 2017

News: Oh You Singaporean

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Started out with friends drinking into the night, ended up with a friend died and a statement blaming Malaysian’s Hospital. But then after awhile the very same Singapore man spin his story from the “Ambulance took 30 minutes to arrive” to “It was language barrier and the hospital requested money first then treatment”. Totally disregard [...]

26 08, 2017

The After Breakup Situation

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It is a normal thing to do when we breakup with somebody, it does leave a bitter taste in our heart and sometime the bitter turn into a vindictive act. It might happened subtly, for example we subtly or unconsciously and maybe hurriedly throw away our ex stuffs as we go on living our daily [...]

13 08, 2017

Virals: God Save The Trump

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Technology has make it easy for everyone to make a satire of everything out of anything. Recently there’s been new trend emerging. A creative netizen has been photoshopping Donald Trump’s face onto The Queen’s face. By queen I mean the Queen of England. The result as expected it may cause few tummy burst due to [...]

9 08, 2017

Virals: Meat Eating Sea Bugs

By | 2017-08-09T20:31:49+00:00 August 9th, 2017|Virals, wtf-worldwide|0 Comments

As if Australia is not scary enough, I mean it is a well know that the land of nope is full with things to kill you; of course most the nope that we see are on the land. Introducing! A meat eating bug. It’s a bug just with extra feature and capable to eat meat. [...]