Politic Local: Edisi saya putar lagi halim

Days after the arrest of Maria Chin Abdullah under SOSMA. Public has been letting out ketidakpuasan hati memasing, pemimpin Bersih 5 dan suhakam juga sudah mengeluarkan statement formal kepada kerajaan. Dan sekarang macam biasa bila dah tak de alasan, kerajaan akan menggunakan teknik terulung diorang “Saya putar lagi halim” .

Pelik siak orang kerajaan ni. Dah nak akhir tahun ni semakin banyak menteri menyerlahkan kebodohan memasing. Seolah olah diorang ni tengah kejar kpi untuk kategori bodoh.

Nur Jazlan kata

He said she was arrested after police reports had been lodged against her.“It is not because of Bersih.“Her family knows why she is arrested.“Also please ask the Inspector-General of Police for details,” he said at the Parliament lobby after wrapping up debate on the home ministry’s 2017 Budget at the Dewan Rakyat today.

Asked who gave the orders to the police to lock up Maria, he said the home ministry only looked at operational issues.“We will look into questioning her and to making sure she is given good treatment.”

Asked if it was an abuse of the Special Offences (Security Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) as it was not meant to detain politicians and organisers of rallies, Nur Jazlan refused to go into details, but replied, “I want to say they (police) followed procedures (in detaining her)”.

He explained Sosma was an enabling act to the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC).


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