Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

I’ve read an article on Malaymail Online, its about how Najib Razak won’t make an apology about making acts such as SOSMA POTA and all that. On a weirdly non cussing side, it’s a bunch of great acts. While it can ensure the safety of the nation but the way it was carried out thats deserve a good strong line cussing.

It was clearly a sided decision and unjust. If you are going to hold an activist over the sosma act then he should do the same for UMNO activist. Its ridiculous and when the public ask the goverment on what basis that Maria is held under SOSMA, there was no response and instead his proxies give all sort of vague and broad excuses.

And still at the end of the day the UMNO activists is still free and now is planing to held rally throughout Selangor state under the name Bersih 7 and oddly enough he uses the same idea as the Bersih 5. Its like he’s secretly rallying against the government ie his boss.


Source: Malaymail Online

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