We are stuck in the past

It is definitely weird when people couldn’t stop thinking and bringing up the past. It felt like they haven’t done or archived anything because they keep on comparing with the past. You don’t have to justify your failure as a leader by comparing with past leaders. What’s worst is that they choose to compare themselves with one of the most great leaders and like always when tried to compare with the best you’ll ended up showing up your own flaws.

What you should have done is, let go of the past and make your own achievement. You dont have compare yourself with him. You are not even on the same league as him. The sooner you face the truth the sooner you are able to make path your own way and at least try to fix everything that’s broken. You are given mandate by the people who voted for you and what you did was “Hey look I’m better than him and all of this problems that you guys are having right now? Well thats because of him”.

Ludacris right? Blaming the past for your failures today. Its just show just how weak you are when you are unable to fix the problem that has been inherited from 1 PM to another. Literally nothing much has happened. What a shame. What a shame. Keep on blaming the past for your mistakes. Typical uneducated mentality.

This is why its hard for Malaysia to move and be great because we have a government that is stuck on the past.

Source: Malaymail online

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