Assume is making an ass out of you and me

Good ol’ foreign funding to organizations or to a certain person’s personal account, they all came down to same based; Someone who’s not a malaysian, doesn’t live in Malaysia but somehow has interest in Malaysia give or tunnel a sum of money like a million or 2.6 billions in order to get some benefits.

So now I am at fault by assuming that someone give money to get something. It a natural behavior, a human behavior where if a person see an opportunity to gain something from the other party then that person will automatically give something to that party. Something valuable, something that can make the receiver remember about the giver. Unfortunately world today means money and money talks. Then the ball of assumption start running when a third party knows about the funding or the donation whichever you wanna call it. This third party will come out various of accusations and more assumptions and fear mongering.

Result in this situation, the losing end is the public who has to o through all sort of emotions by just reading assumptions. The public h the potential to become even dumber from just reading accusations and assumptions.

If a person is caught and place under a terrorist act just because received a funding from a foreigner why that certain political leader are not arrested? Maybe the person who got caught under the terrorist act forgot to mention that the funding was actually a donation and it was her mistakes that the money doesn’t go to her own personal account.

If its against the law to receive a foreign funding then impose the law to every government and nongovernment agencies. Arrest every leader that has receive funding and place them under terrorist act as well.

Source: Malaymail Online

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