Perception of religion

Perception means the ability to understand or notice something easily and while religion means the belief in a god or in a group of gods. Perception of religion is what one think a group of people will behave accordingly to their own religion ruling and law just because they are in a certain religion. That is best example of generalization a group of people as a whole.

The statement one political group failed to make their ruling state to be more obedient and follow the law of their religion.

First. Every religion has good and bad people among the worshippers. To judge how successful a state by how they manage to follow rules of their religion successfully. If we go by that logic then Malaysia is a failed country since Islam is the official religion and leaders has been caught stealing and bribing more than once. Its crystal clear that in Islam bribe and steal are sins.

I think the UMNO Supreme council member Nazri Abdul Aziz secretly telling everyone that Malaysia is a failed country because the prime minister has been found corrupted over and over again.

By the way RUU 355 has nothing to do with civil court. What they are trying to do is to make a betterment to syariah court. If you! Nazri are scare of that RUU then don’t commit sins. But if you must commit sins just make sure don’t get caught. Simple as that.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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