In the name of Islam!

In the name of Islam, I am now allowed to do things my way it doesn’t matter what’s the law said.

In the name of Islam, I am a preacher in which I am entitled to ridicule you however I see fit.

In the name of Islam, I can gain more sympathy from my Islamic fellows who by throwing in some zikirs and a litte bit of wise and hadith quotation into my story so it has that islamic ish feeling and I know my Islamic fellow will feel sorry for me.

If you are using Islam to gain benefits for your own then you haven’t studied Islam as much as you should.

Islam is a religion of discipline, to respect each other time that means if you’re going to participate in an event that has set up time for participants to get their booth ready. You shouldn’t be late by an hour. Yes somthing may come up, but you are a business woman any business person knows that it is crucial to have a lot of fallback plans to avoid this type of situation; late by an hour.

You self-proclaimed preacher, which preacher did you follow that teaches you to ridicule someone for doing their job? Is it Zamihan? A preacher’s job is spread the knowledge of Islam and how Islam is supposed to be potrayed and not throw an islamic hissy fit online just to ridicule that guard. Shame on you.

Using Islam just to gain sympathy and put more zikirs just to make sure people believe that you are a very modest islamic preacher who had shed tears because a guard is doing his job by not letting you into the event after you are late by 1 hour. Very good Islamic job indeed.

Study more, read more and that discipline will come to you automatically.


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