Second stage is denying

There are few stages in grieving. With the current currency and political state here in Malaysia, everyone should be in a grieving state.

Back to the topic, there are few stages in grieving. The first step is shock. When the last general election was held, elected government UMNO were caught of guard by the rise of the Malaysians who are waking up and start to feel the ish and betrayal by the current government. Subsequently almost everyday mainstream media put out racist slurs, the politicians everyday give out racist comments and create a what if situation just to fear monger the public.

As time goes on, with ever growing public resentment towards the government they are going into second stage of grieving and that’s denying.

Perfect example for this stage is no. At this moment Malaysia currency are falling deeper and deeper into oblivion. The prime minister knows the situation and calmly said “Drop in Ringgit is not as bad as claim”. Other than in denying he is still in this bubble of delusion thinking he is doing a very swell job.

The fact that Malaysia currency is falling greatly after the budget for 2017 tabled should show something to the finance department. Malaysia are turning into a country who keep on giving out handouts to the public. Who in the right mind would want to invest on a charity based nation? How would investor get their money back if th government keep on giving free money out? Instead government did not do what they should be doing, they should create more jobs and to give a way out for lower income group to go into middle income group

Its a known fact that middle income group is the biggest spenders in a nation. Because they spend their money in the nation keeping that ball of economic running at steady pace. To have a good based financial a country must have a good strong power purchase from the middle income group.

Source: Malaysian Digest

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