Epitome of savage: Tun Dr M

Malaysia’s government has gone from disgusting gangter based government to a disgrace. It so much shame and what’s worst is that the people couldn’t do anything to fix this.

The UMNO is in their own lalaland, believing in their own make believed delusional that every single person in Malaysia is still supporting them. It make sense that the total 3 millions UMNO members are the only people who are still supporting UMNO government.

The attitude of “Lets settled for this stupid fella rather than that over qualified person as the leader so we can gain money for ourselves” is what these UMNO people have in themselves.

Don’t they feel what other ordinary people feel? The ever increasing prices of everything, the spensing of money that we dont have? Is it BR1M really worth it? For the suffering? We pay so much taxes and yet we get nothing back. Taxes are the people money, not just the cronies or lower income group money; taxes are for everyone.

We the middle class group keep on paying for somebody else’s mistakes. He stole the money, we pay more to pay the debt. He gave out the money, we pay even more. They made the most stupid decisions and the people are suffering and paying for it. While they just laugh and enjoying themselves while eating in a restaurant and we the people of Malaysia are advised to eat from a stall by the road side.

Its disgusting.

It seems like, unashamedly burdening the people with nation’s debt is not enough for them. They decided to go even lower than their nonexistent self pride and tried to shame Tun Dr M by uninvited him from the inauguration of Malaysia next king.

Unlucky for these people, Tun Dr M happened to be a very successful savage man. This is what happened when a group of low IQ tried to have a go with a certified Dr.

Lol. The burnt is deep. No amoumt of aloe vera is enough to put on the burnt area.

Here’s what Tun Dr M said “Saya minta maaf kerana membuat anggapan yang salah. Saya akan ambil ingatan bahawa Istana Negara adalah milik Najib dan Parti Barisan Nasional.”

Hahahaha. As of right now, I am sincerely giving my sympathy to UMNO people.

Source: CheDet

Picture used is from Malaysia Kini

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