Monkey see, monkey do

I supposed every nations in this world has their share on own low IQ extremists; what we meant to say was every nations in this world has their share on low IQ extremists. Wait the minute.. Was that the same sentence? Well then I guess there’s no other better or polite way on how to say or to describe for this particular group of people.

While Malaysia now is a well known country. Like really, almost everyday Malaysia will make headlines in the international newspapers. Unfortunately we Malaysians are well known but not for the right reasons like for example the 1MDB issue. Which ironically all of the involved countries like Singapore and United States are having their investigation done and all the while Malaysia (where the 1MDB originally came from) is doing nothing. Every whistle blowers are either arrested, fired from their positions or ridiculed.

Malaysia’s now is an endless supply of corrupt related jokes.

Monkey see and monkey do.

A certain person has successfully turned himself into a clown, the other person see and now he himself in turning into a clown.

Not wanting to be outdone by one another; they are trying their best to be the most stupid that a person can ever be. What a shame. If their efforts on being stupid were to put into something beneficial to Malaysia, I can bet that Malaysia is on the right path to be a high income nation.

As if its not enough to embarrass yourself locally, now you have to up yourself and embarrassed yourself globally.

Anyways its about Rani Kulup tried to threaten the Myanmar leader and extremists Buddhist by saying “Don’t make me fly over there. I’ve slapped a tiger before”

Yup its true he did say that. Yup this is Malaysia.

Source: Malaysia Kini

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