Bite the hand that feeds you

Not long ago, more like almost 5 years ago during 2012 Malaysia Election where UMNO/BN use this “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” as their motto.


Well lets just say the almost half of Malaysians have come to a realization that the true racist component party is UMNO/BN. When they realized that they had lost the support from middle income group; the group that always get left out in the yearly budget but also middle group has been included in every single taxes that available and the very same group that the current government is begging and siphoning money from to pay for their stupid mistakes and decisions.

Back to the topic. When they realized that they had lost the support from the middle income group, the situation cut deep like so deep that they started to become ultra racist by blaming Malaysians chinese and producing cringing news headlines like

“Tsunami Cina” means chinese tsunami

“Apa lagi cina mau?” Means whatelse do the chinese want?

They have no shame and have no guts to admit that not only the chinese who are getting tired of them but other races as well. It is safe to safe to say almost all middle income group are getting tired of UMNO/BN.

But now things are slowly changing. UMNO still being a racist group of people as ever but they have added or developed new skills. They are now begins to ridicule everyone and anyone who is seen going against UMNO. Even that person is IN UMNO. Even that person is UMNO Chief for Bandar Tun Razak. The guy is not even going against Najib Razak, he just casually from time to time give out opinions on current situations happening in Malaysia. Najib’s people were reported to have hit the man.

Seriously it had come to this, some sort of wierd obsession to act violent to who ever that does not share the same opinions.

Is Malaysia more racist now than we were once during post independence year? What happened?

Source: Milo Suam dot net

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