Manners maketh man

Some people are born with greatness, some were mold in it and some just nothing. No matter what’s the condition that we were born into, not any under circumstances that we can treat other people with disrespect. It is not anybody’s right to treat other people with utter disgustingly attitude.

Some people has been living in their entitlement bubble, thinking they deserve everything and everyone owe them something. It’s a weird delusion actually, could be a downright or at least at the border of craziness. Let’s think about it, we are nobody and somehow we demanded respects from others when we didn’t do anything to deserve it.

Usually people with sense of entitlement are often full of themselves such as thinking that everything must revolve around them and they will certainly throw a tantrum fit for not getting that they think they deserved. It is almost pathetic to live in everyone approvals because they think they deserved it.

By the way this entry is about an adult woman who slapped a woman janitor because the wash chamber that she wants to use is under cleaning service. Hence for the obvious reason, it is understandable by logic that the woman janitor would stop her from entering the wash chamber. It made sense and it’ll just cause inconveniences for everyone.

Now for us and the rest of normal people that has a little bit of common sense would understand why the woman janitor would stop her from going into the wash chamber. Unfortunately the logic has flew past the woman logic and she began to throw a fit. First she went into the special wash chamber that was meant for disabled people and when she got out, with bruised ego she slapped the woman janitor.

Disgusting right?

Watch the video and decide whether the slap was necessary or not?

Source: Milo Suam dot net

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