All families have that one particular Uncle

Like the title said, every family has that one uncle that our parents always remind us about “Now you kids remember, even tho he is crazy he is still your uncle. So just shake or just say hey to him and move along”.

Most of the time this particular uncle l, its usually the same uncle that always boasting about the businesses he no longer have or the wide range of connection of people that he claimed has. He would go on and on telling things just to impress and every single time he will try to be in the center of attention. He would do anything just so everyone would give him a good 5 minutes of attention and then proceed to pat him on the back then said something along this line “Good job jamal. You make people proud”.

Uncle jamal, uncle jamal. He is the joker of the family. He is that crazy looking uncle in the family that you know he would do something crazy or say something crazy and due to his persistence its become a norm that at every family gathering or everyday in family whatsapp’s group everyone will wait and like “Its almost noon now. When will he do his stupid stunt” then Uncle Jamal suddenly do something and everyone will go “Ah there it is!!”

He’s that type of family member that would go away with anything because everyone already accepted the fact he is crazy. He will do crazy thing and he way say crazy stuff. Like boasting how he can gather a lot of people to counter the rally did by the family next door. But when he failed to gather he will give something like “Well the neighbors rally was a fail anyways”.

Recently Uncle Jamal held a meeting to meet with the community and Uncle Jamal did what everyone expecting him to do. He boasts and try to incite a fight in between communities by telling that the communities had gone good to worst. Like always Uncle Jamal’s family will let him say and do whatever and occasionally his family would produce a statement like “He does not representing all of UMNO”.

Like all families, every families have that one particular uncle.

Source: Kitai Kini Channel Youtube

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