Dear Dolores Umbridge..

There are few votes that were held here and there on which character villains that are most hated. Beside the obvious of you-know-who, yes I will not mention his name; the most hated villain was the one and only Dolores Umbridge. Source: Harry Potter villains ranked

Despite the fact that Dolores Umbridge is a villain and people will hate villain by nature, but out of all villains she was voted most hated. Why? Why people hate her so? Is it because she’s a woman? Or she has this weird high pitch laughs? My best guess is people hated Dolores Umbridge the most is because her character a little bit closer to the reality that we can relate.

Everyday we have someone that we think and sometimes it is a fact that this particular someone does not belong in a place of power. What’s more absurd is that we can’t seem to put this person in power away! Its frustrating when things got so stuck and there’s nothing we can do unless there’s a nature thing happened like death. But as a human being, it is not nice to wish for things like that to happen to other people. Even though deep in our mind its what we really wanted.

In Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix, Dolores Umbridge was seen to have made all type of rules. One rules after another just so she can’t be refuted. She made those rules to stay in power and to punish anyone who is seen going against her or her boss (you-know-who) at will. To make it as close to reality for all of us, Dolores Umbridge has followers that would do anything as long they have their interest fulfilled. As the movie goes on we started to see more ridiculous rules. Those who were captured were tortured, I mean comeee onnnn scarring hands on a little kid? that’s child abuse.

So the more we watch Dolores Umbridge the more we starting to feel this itch secretly telling us “Duuuuudddeeeee you totally know the exact person in real life!!!” “Omg!! Dolores Umbridge! Go away leave us alone!” The itch start to become an annoyance then that’s when it click “Dolores Umbridge.. You… (String of curse words)”. We have to admit when she was taken away in to the forbiden forrest, that scene just make the little itch in us saying “Oh yesss”. Because that’s what we want to happen in real life. To the person in power that we resent for the obvious reason.

Like always its just a wishful thinking. What we can do as of right now, is just wait for the right time and when the time came? That’s when we as the people of Malaysia unite and get rid of Dolores Umbridge, eh I mean the certain corrupt leader. Yes not Dolores Umbridge.

Source: Malaysia Kini

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