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At what point of truthful that does this sentence sound to you “Kembalikan Hasil GST Kepada Rakyat”
Which means all the gst tax that we Malaysian as a whole had paid. The government had returned it back.

But what is it that’s been returned?

Is it the upgraded of government hospitals? I don’t think so. Last time we check there are still few hospitals
blowing up due to old infras and without CF. CF means “Sijil Layak Menduduki”. It’s a piece of paper that has showed
the proper authorities had inspected the building and has concluded that the building is safe to be in.

If not in the health sector, then our next best guess is must be the educational sector. Like it’s a known fact
how important education is, right? Nope according to Malaysia’s Government. In fact, for 2017 budget, education sector
had its fund slashed off to make way for paying national debt. Hint! 1MDB.

Ok so… not in health and education sectors so your guess are just as good as mine. It must be the Public transportation
sector. God, forbid it that you and me had to go through jammed due to too many cars on the road. It’s make sense that from the
taxes that we paid it should be used to upgrade all the necessary infrastructure so we the people can finally say “Ahh the fruit of my taxes. Finally!!”
But .. nope. No upgraded on anything. Just adding new things like MRT. Which is good but out of all we only get back ONE upgrade. MRT. That’s it.

So who or where the Gst money went to, No that’s not a rhetoric question even though the obvious answer is to pay country’s debt. The real answer is
the tax money went too *drum rolls* badummm tssss the housing projects for the poor or more polite way is the B40 Group, scheme for the B40 group
to get out from poverty. We don’t say that it is wrong to help the B40 group but you can’t say giving back to the people when only so few people
get to actually get it.

What do M40 get? Apart from the opportunity for us to pay more taxes or complete forgotten during the 2017 budget presentation. Oh wait.. NO.. we weren’t
forgotten. We were advised to eat road side stall to save money. Yes that’s what was advised to us. Our yearlong taxed money had got us an advised! Yay

Well played government. Well played.

Source: Berita Harian

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