PSA: Don’t be stupid

We are the easily confused group of people.

How does it feel that we cry to be a victim when in reality its just us being confuse?

How does it feel to try to shame someone else and ended up with you looking like an idiot. Or is it you try to boost your ego by put down others?

What is the purpose of your post? was it to cause racial or what? Its in the constitution of Malaysia, EVERYONE has the freedom of religion. They performed a Buddhist ceremony because it’s in theirbeliefs to get prosperity, just like you pray 5 times a day ( I hope you pray. But if you do and you have a strong faith mere things like looking at a monk sprinkling water shouldn’t be a matter to you) to get blessing and prospers.

Call for prayers happened 5 times a day, we can’t hardly find a Chinese nor an Indian saying “with these call for prayers, we are feeling confuse about our own religion”.

Fitnah is a sin in Islam and what he did, he just spread out fitnah in order to ridiculed and belittled other religion practices.

Shame on you, “Muslim” Guy.

Source: MSN dot com

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