PSA: This Festive season

The long weekend is ahead of us. Among the baggage that comes with long weekend and a public holiday is traffic jammed. For some of us trafgic jammed is the bane of our existence. Traffic jammed brings out the truth about people’s feeling. They will tell you how they feel and they will be doing it gladly.

We tend to lose our control, and impatient usually gets the better of us thus we tried to sneak our way in between cars. It is dangerous but its something we must do. Because thats extra seconds that we get to have when reached our destination is worth it. Some might asked “Eh what about the safety of other people?” Well the answer is “It’s not our fault that they cant take care of themselves”. Easy right?

If you just agreed to the paragraph above then you should get your right to drive taken away. Everyone pay the same taxes as you. You don’t get to dictate who gets to live or die as result from your careless doings. You probably feel that you are entitled to some things like, driving carelessly ignoring others on the road or you feel you are more superior than other because you are somebody than there’s nothing people can do to help you.

But Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan can surely help and at the same time you are able to help the government settling 1MDB debt. For those future summoned drivers we the rest of Malaysians would like to thank you for helping us settling nation’s debt.

Source: The Sun Daily

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