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A father was caught stealing school necessity for his kids due to uncontrollable price hike for school equipment. He can no longer afford it and to him it was his last resort, he had to steal otherwise his children will have nothing to go to school with. Did the government help him? No. Flat out no. In fact the government had come out with a statement that the father is not eligible for government help because he has stable income.

Source: Malaysia Kini

That is just one of the cases where someone who is desperately in need but wasn’t getting the help that he needs. On personal note, the rising of goods is just so surreal. We here at akunakkomen.com had our own fair and share. We had to cut back on expenses, formula milks for babies had increased in prices so much its becoming ridiculous. Fortunately we haven’t find the need to steal yet but who knows in the future, maybe stealing is the only we can do to show to the government that when people steals it does not mean people like to steal it just means our backs are against the wall and stealing just become our fight of survival.

Isn’t it weird when people started to steal necessity things like milk or food or schooling supplies, what does that reflect on the government? Or what does it make Malaysian people look like?

1.Malaysians people are lazy and like to steal


2.Malaysians government are lazy and like to steal

Cause you see, while we suffering and stressing over something that we didn’t do; ie the whole corruption scandals leading to the lose of interest from foreign investors. This is what’s happening right now, there’s nobody who wants to invest in Malaysia. Hence RM’s value has been dropping to a new low, yes a new low. Because RM now is at the same level of RM’s value back then during the great recession hit Malaysia.

The only thing that’s different now is back then we have Tun Dr Mahathir to save the country, now we only a mediocre thieving man who’s not only contributed to this problem by selling Nation’s assets to foreigners but keep on stealing people’s money at the same time.

He is not doing anything to fix the economy, the only thing he did was go vacation to Australia using the government jet which means people of Malaysia are paying for this man’s family vacation.

Here we are tightening our belts and there they are having fun using peoples money.

Source: Family vacation. yay

Ok FINE! its not fair for us to say that he is not doing anything, he did do something like giving an amount of money to the people, raising the prices of everything to pay for national debt and do some major begging to China. Its not all good nor not all bad, what it was is that this is just a quick patch. Not a long term solution, because the given money can only last few days (We Malaysians love our shopping). Not everyone get to receive the government handouts. While the prices keep on hiking up soon enough the people won’t be able to buy anything hence the rise of stealing cases.

But hey as long as its the right Malay man control the country it doesn’t matter just much we are robbed, they will still vote for the corrupt.

Like the famous quote “Selagi orang kita. Kita maaf kan lah”, it means as long as it is our people (Malays) let’s just forgive and forget.


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