Look to the east Policy

During Tun Dr Mahathir era, he has this policy that said “Look to the east” Policy. What it meant was we are looking to the east if we ever need an example to look for. Like how they rebuild the nation after the devastated of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the efficiency in management, staffing and integrity. Due to this policy Tun Dr Mahathir is seen as dictator for actually forcing people to work harder. He invented the clock in clock out sop to make sure everyone’s at work and working like they should.

It’s a great policy and for awhile Malaysia is at the greatest height, we have all sort of technology based company opening their factories here in Malaysia. Other country actually buy chips from Malaysia, investors were feeling confident and they keep on pouring investments into Malaysia economy. When the great recession happened, Tun Dr Mahathir did not phased out in denial; what he did was incredible. He locked RM’s value so that if anyone wanted to buy RM they have to buy it in Malaysia. He also strengthen the middle class group power purchasing power by giving a lot of small projects to small time contractors.

It is common sense middle class group is the group that economists use to measure Nation’s economy status. Middle class or the layman term; the normal public citizens of Malaysia, are the one who spends money in Malaysia. They kept the economy going. Its not like the rich did not spend in Malaysia but the amount of middle class spent are much more than the riches.  In tems of volume, it is a fact middle class group are much larger than the rich group.

Anyways back to the topic regarding the look to the east policy, recently there’s a case where a worker of Dentsu Inc died from overworked.

Work kills!!!

Due to this, the president of the company has resigned and admitted it was his fault that he has failed to tackle the problem. He apologized and resigned.

The point is, when a leader sees there’s a problem under his management and he acknowledged it. Unlike a certain leader here in Malaysia, who is in deep limbo of denial and a very thick skinned face that just won’t go away. Things are literally falling apart around him, but he is still there acting like nothing is happening. Honestly its starting to get weird and almost cringy. Imagine someone that we know is falling apart and everyone know this, but he is still acting all high and weird. Then we will go “Oh my god just stop. What is wrong with you? You’re making it all weird for everyone”

It’s a wishful thinking. If only we stick to the “Look to the east” policy, he would be resigning right now.

Oh yeah, I need to get this out of my system, isn’t weird that people only talk about Tun Dr Mahathir achievements and that failure of a leader achievements. It’s like we totally skipped Tun Abdullah Badawi. Was he an invisible prime minister or there’s not much to say about him?

Source: President of Dentsu Inc Resigned

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