Right or Privilege

Education is it a right or a privilege?

“BAHAWASANYA mengakui bahawa ilmu itu adalah penentu utama arah tujuan negara dan penyelamat bangsa: DAN BAHAWASANYA tujuan pendidikan adalah untuk membolehkan masyarakat Malaysia menguasai ilmu, kemahiran dan nilai murni yang diperlukan dalam dunia yang berdaya saing tinggi serta bersifat global, kesan daripada perkembangan pesat sains, teknologi dan maklumat: DAN BAHAWASANYA pendidikan mempunyai peranan penting dalam menjayakan wawasan negara demi untuk mencapai taraf negara maju sepenuhnya dan segi kemajuan ekonomi, keadilan sosial, dan kekuatan rohani, moral dan etika, ke arah mewujudkan suatu masyarakat yang bersatupadu, demokratik, liberal dan dinamik” Akta Pendidikan 1996 ( Akta 550)

Above is an actual act, well actually its an opening verse of an educational act that specifically conveying how important is education.

When we were born parents did everything for us, bathed us feed us put on clothes on our back. Came to about 3 4 years old we are taught about alphabets, eat properly, potty training and basically all the things that need to be taught in order for us to survive. And then we were sent to school. Yes the dreaded mathematics, sciences and all history information that need to be memorized so we can aced exams.

Afterward the usual going to university, get a job then create family and the cycles continue.But why do we need to study? Why do we spent our times getting to know things that we know we won’t be using in our daily lives?

First of all, we do use what we learn in school in our daily lives. Such as probabilities and statistics for those who are keen on toto or 4ds. Or Those who like to mod cars and motorcycles, they will say “Brooo spoiler ni boleh buat kereta ko laju bro” (Dude this spoiler can make your car to go even faster).

See? We do used what we learned in school just in matter or conscious and unconscious. Ok so education is important. We get it. What’s next? What could be possibly gone wrong if we don’t go school or we did not practice what we have learned throughout our lives?

Well there’s a lot of thing that happened, especially if you are a minister. People tend to look to you for an answer on what is happening in our country. Now, if you are a minister and you are lacking in education you might ended up making statements like this guy Tan sri Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah.

I swear I did not make shit up, when its come to stupidity of our ministers. I don’t have to do anything, they doing it by themselves.

I present to you! Shit that Tan Sri Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah said

1. Orang miskin kalau beli barang tiada gst
2. Boleh guna BR1M beli Proton Iriz jadi pemandu uber
3. Tiada sesen pun hutang 1MDB di dalam hutang Malaysia

Those are the stupid few statements from one of Malaysians Ministers. Malaysian walked into 2017 with a nice surprise from the government, raised price of gas.

Now the government are messing with national’s education. They are slashing funds for the universities and most of the universities now are feeling it. They have to let go lecturers and limit on researches.

Why government is depriving us of educations? Is education is our right or a privilege that can be easily taken away. Do we really want to be like Tan Sri Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah? How about the children? Do they deserve a subpar education?

Source: The Star: Education Fund Slashed


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