When things go south

There a few smack in the face kind of signs that show us just how bad the economy it is nowadays. For example unemployment rate is rising or more and more bankruptcy related cases; what’s more saddening is, it was youth who contribute most of the bankruptcy cases. Hence from the economy downfall, people do anything to survive. Be it stealing, bribery or scamming. Scamming.

When we heard the word scamming, one thing that automatically click in our mind; the scammer is rich. It cant be denied, a successful scammer is rich person. But to scam, scammer do need a capital investment to buy things for the scam activity, to pay or hire scam helper and whatnot. In short to scam people, scammer do need money. Its rule of thumb for those who are on the way to be success and wealthy; you have to spend money to get money.

But now, just to give a clear picture just how fxxk (yes I admit fxxk taken from Big Bang’s song from their album MADE. You will listen to them and you will like it) the economy is, scammers now have lower their standard to a new low. For those who bought things online, the moment we click pay now and then we will be directed to payment page where we have to key in our banking information and we start to have a little doubt or little voices in our head saying something along the line “Shit.. I hope this is not a scam”. Then we click the submit button, its official now. You have bought that thing and finally the little voice in your head saying “Dear god. Please not let it be a scam”. For a few second you are now a very pious person then you switched back to the I-only-think-of-god-when-i-am-in-trouble attitude.

So in the old days scammers are bunch of very creative people. They would create a replica of the items and sell it as an original items, but that replica would be still working. Just not as well as the original. Few years down the road, scammers start to feel the heat in the economy downturn. They lowered their standard from replicas to a dummy, meaning the scammers will just give you a non working objects like a rock inside a plastic case. Few more years ahead, things started to become more expensive. Scammers just switch from dummy to a brick.

Yes. A brick. Literally they post a brick to their customers.

And now, here we are! Scammers can no longer afford a brick, they send pieces of concretes. Its not even proper piece, its like pieces that they got when they go to a construction site with a sledgehammer (Let’s just assume that the scammer has invested their scammed money to buy the Sledgehammer) knocked on the concrete floors and take the pieces and say “Hey, this will be that guy external harddrive”.

Economy downfall effects everyone.

Source: Buletin dot net: Nak beli HDD

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