To gay or not to gay

Malaysia is a country with diverse ethnicity, race and religions. Every religion and race in Malaysia have their own dos and don’ts, like black magic its not allowed by one religion but its a practice for other religion. Hence the multiculturalism between malaysians.

Everyone has their own decisions and for the little ones they have the adults to make decisions for them. This has been going on for decades. If you want to be gay. You be gay. If you need an approval from your parents then tell them. If you want to be a black magic practitioner and you are a muslim? You go right ahead. There’s a lot of infidels muslims in malaysia are in need of your services. The main point is you choose it by yourself.

Government has been doing a great job in defining how not to be gays, and even come out a pamphlet stating signs that a gay person has. So that other people who sees the sign can safely point to supposedly gay person and say “Hey you are gay!”

As of right now all elements about black magics, corruptions and thugs in movies are a go. No block because those are one of malaysians cultures. But not gays. God forbid for gay elements.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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