Amboi amboi amboi

Baru tanya satu pihak dah mengaku diri yang reka tuhan, amboi!! Amboi! Amboi! Amboi amboi amboi

God created the universe hence there must be something that create god. That’s a statement made by a lawyer who thinks that its actually we the people with positive vibe actually create a good god. And negative vibe create bad god.

Whatever it is, whether she did say it or she said something along the line and her words were taken out of the context. Point is the idea is there, theres actually a muslim who think like that, ie we are the one who created god.

In five pillars of islam. Number one is the shahadat that said “There is no god other than Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” thats it. There’s no statement about “there is multiple god created by different kind of vibes and Muhammad is the messenger of multiple god”

In six pillars of iman. Number one is belive in Allah. Allah is one. That is all.

Why the need to complicate things by “creating” bad gods good gods? If you believe then Alhamdulillah. If you don’t then that’s your prerogative.


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