Bomoh Chronicles

Malaysia has once again to gain fame for all the wrong reasons. First the corrupt and then now the holier than thou attitude. Reason of banning a walt disney movie (yes a walt disney movie hence a movie for kids) is because beauty and the beast has a hinted gay relationship in the movie.

Apart from corruption, which is clearly against Islam which is National official religion. People from outside Malaysia would say “Now that is a Islamic nation. Yeah! You ban those gay movie” because a minister had already came out a statement “Respect our religion and culture” right straight to Disney’s face. We were taking a stand on no to all things that goes against islam.

Theeeeenn come along a guy, a bomoh (a bomoh is like a witch doctor) who did the most ridiculous thing that is clearly against Islam. For quite sometimes the authorities had let this guy going around doing his thing with a pair or bamboo binoculars, chanting quran verse.

Now the authorities are going to catch him, by my question is. Why? Why only stop at him? Why didn’t the authorities go and catch all those scammers who scammed people in the name of Islam.

Go go catch them all!!!

Source: Astro Awani

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