Oh my Malaysia

How is it fair to prosecute an innocent driver, a road tax payer with every right to drive on a highway. Then a group of underage kids cycling on the same highway in the middle of the night without safety gears and safety blinkers. Keep in mind, this is highway where drivers are bound to drive faster than they usually do on a normal road.

A sales lady crashed into group of underage cyclists and killed 8 of them. They were cycling in the middle of a highway! And the driver got prosecuted.

How about the parents who had paid no attention to their own child? Will they get sued for negligence? The rests of the cycling group, will they get arrested for endangering other road tax payers?

The only one who’s getting prosecuted is the innocent driver, who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Poor her, because of the few self absorbed, ignorant little kids; she is scarred for life and facing prison time. Well done and a standing ovation for you parents who are stupid enough to control your own kids and the rest of you little ignorant kids.

Everyone should face the consequences, this is just ridiculous. But this is Malaysia, Malaysia like to keep an eye close when it’s come to rempit (little thugs on bikes). For example the cellphone thieves were let go even after has been proven they stole the cellphones. Or rapists were let loose because of good attitude in front of the judge. What all of those have in common? The criminals were all malays. Just like the little ignorant cyclists, they were malay too.

Here in Malaysia we have a say “Selagi orang kita” as long they are our people (malays)

Yerp. This is Malaysia.

Source: Utusan Malaysia

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