We Learn Everything In School

The phrase that said “We learn everything in school” is somewhat true. We do learn about relationships, how to deal with daily budgets (foods are ridiculously expensive). We learn about friendships and the whole bully and bullied. So it’s true we do learn everything in school.

Knowledge, of course that’s the very reason why we go to school in the first place. Schools are supposed to be a “continental” like of a place (In reference of John Wick). Its a sacred ground where only knowledge is allowed. No politics, I’m talking about you Ketua Pemuda UMNO Permatang Pauh. Shame on you. School also shouldn’t be a place where the idea of segregating and generalizing race. This is Malaysia, land of multicultural, anyone with any name can go anywhere.

If you want to teach a kid about religion please do not use names as names representing a person. Use religions name Buddha, Christians, Muslim, Hindu and put on the places of pray pictures. It’ll be much better and kids will understand more. Because there is a guy that goes with a chinese name, but he is a muslim thus he will go to a mosque. If we teaches kids to generalizing religions by the name of a person then those kids will grow up to be a very narrow minded.

It’s a shame that our education has come to this. It’s not right and it’s disgusting to be teaching kids on how to be a racist and generalizing people. How can the school allowed such question to be asked during exam? Out of all those times where teachers went to seminars, weren’t there any seminars about student psychology and religion sensitivity? Or how about multicultural ideology seminars? Education Ministry should take these things into consideration. Please do not let the children to grow up and be a simple minded people.

Source: The Malay Mail Online

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