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The end of North Korea Negotiation

After almost a month, 9 Malaysians who were barred from leaving North Korea have been allowed to home after Malaysians government agreed to return the body of late Kim Jong Nam @ Kim Chol.

It’s about time, while maybe the north koreans who were also barred from going back home feels glad that they don’t have to go back to North Korea, just kidding. North Koreans are one of those people that would die for their country. Anyways back to the topic, while they the north koreans were barred, the Malaysians couldn’t wait to go home. Who would want to stay there other than the north koreans themselves?

Kudos and good job to Malaysia’s Foreign ministers for leading the negotiation proses and finally able to come to a term of agreement.
There was probably a lot of back and forth, hence the ‘You do that, I can do that too’ type of attitude.

Next time have to be extra vigilant so that no other leader of a country’s half blood will be killed and resulting another group of Malaysians getting barred from going home. But it’s a mond boggling why they choose to kill him in Malaysia? Is it cause they think Malaysia is easy to get by? Lol

And to other tourist, please think twice before agreeing to do something especially if a stranger offers you to be in a reality show. Do keep this in mind “If its too good to be true, then it’s not true”. But the lady really is an assassin, damn she’s good but lacking on safety checkpoint. Maybe didn’t notice about the cctv. nevertheless her moves were swift and that was a quick kill.

It’s good now that all ends well, the north koreans can finally leave Malaysia (awww) and I believe this was a good deal. A dead body in exchange for 9 alive humans.

Source: Reuters dot com

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