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Remember back when we were young

“Abubu! You have to wait for an hour after you eat before you go swimming!” I’m pretty sure everyone in this whole wide world have come across this tyoe of situation. Maybe not about swimming, it could be “Timmy, don’t climb the table, you will fall and you will get concussion” or something along “Haa climb la! See if I care! You will fall and you die!” (Courtesy of Harith Iskander). These all happened back when we were young.

The point of all of these sayings was that, if you don’t want something to happened to you then you shouldn’t be doing things that will make that thing happened to you.

For example few years ago, here in Malaysia the price of a chicken was a bit high. So on this one fine day a minister gave out a statement saying “Elak makan ayam kalau harga naik” – Sinar Harian It meant was if the chicken were expensive, don’t eat the chicken. Yes, a minister said that. Same goes for another minister saying “If you don’t like Malaysia then get out”.

See these are the politic version of “if you don’t bad things happen to you then don’t do it in the first place” of advice.

Now the ministers have one up one another, Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani had said “Buy a house is expensive and will just add more to debt, just rent”. Like wow, really? is this what we have come down to? You can’t afford a house? Good! rent it, you probably don’t deserve a house anyways. Instead of fixing the economy so that people actually can afford a house, the ministers has come out with various of “advice”. People doesn’t want a handout, we want our purchase power back! So down the road if we want to buy a house, we can bloody buy it.

Source: Malay Mail Online

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