It’s All Fun and Game Until….

“Timmy! Don’t Climb!” Then normal parents would go and say It’s all fun and game until somebody is bleeding. Just like when a group of kids doing an illegal bike race without proper safety and on a highway and a car ran through them.

8 were dead and the driver is being prosecuted because a bunch of little ignorant decided to cycles in the middle of the road and in the middle of the night. 8 dead cycling in the middle of the road

Normally when something bad happened, as a normal human with a normal brain would have decided “Nope. I ain’t doing this shit anymore”. Or the parents would go “Yes I must keep an eye on my kids better. We don’t want another why-didnt-watch-your-kids-better comment now don’t we?”. Turned out none of theae group of people learnt their lesson. How many deaths have to occur or how many drivers have to be prosecuted for them to finally get it in their thick skull that it is dangerous to even cycle on a highway let alone in the middle of the night and without a proper safety gears. Stupid.

If these kids keep on insisting on using the highway then the parents should take responsibility, pay extra tax so that not all of Malaysia has to pay for their stupid ignorant spawn. Let the parents pay more and for those kids they need major discipline make over. If the parents failed then let the army fix them. At least they have a chance to do something for the country after all those tax money wasted on them.

Make a proper law regarding road safety and actually enforce it, it’s always better to prevent than to cure. Make them pay fines and then when they collected enough fines, they won’t be allowed to get license as they have proved a lot of times that they unable to fallow the law.

Do something!

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