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Movie Review: The Bye Bye Man (2017)

Title: The Bye Bye Man
Summary: The movie tells the horrific story of a trio of Wisconsin college students as they stumble upon the horrific origins of a mysterious figure they discover is the root cause of the evil behind unspeakable acts.

Genre: Thriller, Horror
Actor: Douglas Smith, Lucien Laviscount, Cressida Bonas
Director: Stacy Title
Country: United States
Duration: 96 min
IMDB: The Bye Bye Man


The start of the movie was not cliché, would’ve not guessed it that on the opening there would 4 dead people. I must admit that I did the whole oh-yes-I’m-judging-this-thing-by-its-cover judging thing, I was skeptical thinking this is movie is one of those super bright cheap movies and the actors were almost like grade c-ish porn actors. In my defense the movie was called The bye bye man, like the one of the intro character said, “It was funny”.

The movie evolved around 3 young college kids, usually when a movie consisting a group of college kids it will have these few must-have characters. We have the jock, alpha male type of guy. He usually the one in control in this movie he is pretty much the man of the house. The plot had made it clear that without the alpha male, they won’t be able to rent the house. He also gets the downstairs bedroom while the others get the attic look-alike bedroom. Oh, yes, the typical jock will not be as smart as the other guy, in this movie it has it too.

The second guy would be the beta. The one who would follow whatever alpha male said include play baseball in the middle of the. Beta guy is also portrayed as smart guy (of course) because he has a scholarship. Basically, he’s your typical beta male that you’d see in all movies that have plot consisting a group of college students.

The girl was the normal typical next-door type of girl. Nothing memorable about her character, to a point that she might be just a filler. If her character was taken out from the movie, the movie plot wouldn’t change at all. She was there just to prove beta male can get the ladies and to psych with his mind when he starts to imagine things like the alpha male was hitting on her.

The movie was about a ghostly character called bye bye man, the rules were; We can’t think about him, we can’t say his name either. Once the rules were broken like a character suddenly said his name out loud to a group of people, then the bye bye man had got into their head. Once the bye bye man was inside their head, he will play with their minds and made them see and feel something just to provoke them to kill other people. That was pretty much how the movie went. The plot was simple but the scare jumps were on points.

The downturn of the movie was at the end of the movie when the bye bye man was floating down to downstairs, the music score was just weird and tacky and completely ruined the moment. A few seconds it does feel like a song from the x-file. It’s almost like we were the height of our emotion like “oh my goooodddddd!!! Run!” and then suddenly just flat “Heh?”. Disappointment.

Overall for a horror/thriller movie, this movie not a conjuring but its somewhere along a poltergeist level.

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