Movie Review: Cook Up A Storm

Title: Cook Up a Storm
Summary: A culinary competition becomes a battleground as a famous Cantonese street-food chef goes up against his Michelin-starred, classically trained rival. But their rivalry takes an unexpected turn when they discover a common foe and combine their skills in a fusion of East and West.

Genre: Drama
Actor: Alberto Calvet Gonzalez, You Ge, Yong-hwa Jung
Director: Wai Man Yip
Country: China, HongKong
Duration: 97 min


It’s the typical story about chefs, two chefs. One chef was a fine dining chef a Michelin chef to be exact because why not? And the other one was a chef a famous local restaurant. Words of caution, do not watch this movie while you are hungry or craving to eat something. Unless you are trying to challenge yourself then by all means go for it. Maybe that is why the movie was called cook up a storm, there will be storm in your tummy begging for food.

It’s a typical movie about two chefs fought with one another. Like any other chefs fighting movie, one chef will be portrayed as a finest chef was lacking the most important criteria for him to be a Michelin’s star chef; he has no sense of taste. Quoting Gordon Ramsay “To be a great chef, the most important you have to have is fucking great pallet”. A lot of his Hell’s Kitchen winner were determined during the blind taste test. It may be just the way the plot wanted to be something different, but come on! A chef with no sense of taste? Did he not taste the food before it goes out from the kitchen?

The other chef has a serious daddy issue. He was portrayed as a talented chef from a small type ish restaurant because he was mentored by another talented chef, no not his dad it was the dad’s brother. Apart from daddy issue he also have ego problem, in which he finds it insulted when the restaurant gave him what he wanted and just rudely walk into the restaurant’s kitchen. He has ethics, because at the beginning he did go if-you-want-to-you-have-to-queue rules but apparently, the same rules did not apply to him.

So now we have chef’s rivalry, daddy issue let’s just add one more to the plot because things weren’t complicated enough, lovers turn into traitor. Mayo! Shame on you for using somebody else disability to take his spot. Not only that, you were going to make him taste soup with salt and without salt. Why so mean!

Due to too many plots, the movie was going all over the place and the ending it does felt like the director wanted to end this movie as soon as possible. It’s so fast.  Overall the foods were nice and the noodle at the end of the movie will trigger you to eat. Nicholas Tse, it’s weird to see you in a slow-moving movie but … no but. It’s just weird.

IMDB: Cook Up A Storm

Watch : Prepare to eat

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