Holier Than Thou

At what point or stage in a person life that he is thinking that he is better than anyone else? What exactly running in his mind when he decided that he is going to scold a group of person in a mosque that were taking shelter from a heavy rain and at that very moment one of them were eating? This is a mosque, a public place. Nobody has the right to cast someone else out, regardless whether she is not wearing tudung (veils or hijab). The least you can do is talk to her or just politely and slowly asking her to cover her hair up. I’m sure, she would be gladly go into the women prayer section and get herself to cover her hair. This is one of those self entitlement prick that has holier than thou attitude.

How many time a person has to perform his prayers that it would finally make him feel like he is holier than everyone else? At which point of his life that he feels like he is entitled to yell at an older person just to show how holy he is? Is it at his 333th time of prayer and he said to himself “I have prayed this much, this must be I am more Islam than everyone else. I am now get to yell at everyone in the name of Islam because I’m worth it”?

Why is it the Malays are so eager to prove to everyone that Islam is a religion of force, rude, loud, violent and vulgar ish mouth? One after another, they will come into limelight or managed to get themselves into virals by doing something that is far from Islamic teaching just to prove everyone that they are a Muslim. Killing in the name of Islam (source: Killing in the name of Islam), yelling in the name of Islam, humiliating other people in the name of Islam and now kick other people out of a mosque into a heavy rain in the name of Islam.

Way to go my brothers and sisters in Islam, we finally do not need any help from other religions in making Islam look bad because clearly we can do it by ourselves. We have successfully make ourselves to get rid of the teachings of Islam and we just do whatever we see fit, be it by killings or just purely being rude.


Oh yeah, vertical video alert.

Source: Astro Awani

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