[Anecdote Trial] Everybody lies

Title: Everybody Lies

That morning, the rain did not stop. The weatherman man said it should be done by then, but it didn’t “Stupid. People keep on lying” Jin wishpered to himself. He who had been laying in the rain, opened his eyes, just not at the right time because a rain drop fell right into his eyes. “Oww” he wiped his eyes, he smiled as he looked at his wet hands. For the first time, it wasn’t his tears that were wetting his hands.

“Are you going to be home for dinner Mika?” Jin asked Mika, he was doing some groceries planning in his head. “Uh huh. I will. I’m already on the way home. I’ll see you at home Jin” Mika smiled. She inhaled deeply, everyday she could not believe her luck, how blessed she is. She has Jin. Mika blinked for a second, she looked to the left as something caught her eyes. Mika couldn’t make it what it was, she shrugged it off and turned her head back to the front.

A bright light blinded his eyes. A truck was coming straight towards her.

Mika had died that night.

“Everybody lies” Jin sighed.

Part 1: The Beginning | Part 3: Tales of Two Broken Hearts

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