[Anecdote Trial] The Beginning

Jin was having his morning coffee, black coffee. He called it his life line. Its the taste he said. Its the texture he said. The truth is he doesn’t know other type of coffee because he does not like coffee at all. He hated the after taste, the smell and the texture.

“Hi.. Do you have iced chocolate?” Jin gave out a weird smile and his fingers did the i-am-nervous-type of tapping on the counter. “Umm no. We only served coffee” The server said and showed the shop name on the menu ‘The Coffee Shop’. Without a second to spare “Oh I meant to say, black coffee. One black coffee please” Jin blurted out his order, while in his mind he was thanking all the hollywood movies for teaching him about black coffee.

The server was sceptical, nevertheless she served the coffee to Jin. “Thank you Mika” Jin said, she was surprised as to how Jin knew her name. It must be showing all over her face as Jin quickly pointed to her name tag. “Oh… ok you are welcome” Mika shamelessly smiled.

For the next three months Jin would come into that coffee shop and buy a cup of black coffee and the usual thank-you conversation ensued. For that same three months Jin had given the cup of black coffee to a traffic guard who had just ended his nightly duty.

“One black coffee please” Jin said, “If you’re going to ask me out. Please do so already.” Mika said and looking straight into Jin’s eyes. “Whaa?” Jin pretended to be surprised and he quickly turned to look away. “The uncle came into the store asked us to stop giving you coffee. He said “The tall long haired guy keep on giving me black coffee. I don’t drink coffee” Mika said with her best impression of the traffic guard.

Taken aback by this, Jin cleared his throat “Would you go out with me?”

“Yes” Mika answered.

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