Title: Little Boxes
Summary: As a comedy, drama film directed by Rob Meyer, The film is aboiut an interracial family. They have to struggle to adjust when they move from New York City to a small, predominately white town in Washington State.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Actor: Melanie Lynskey, Nelsan Ellis, Armani Jackson
Director: Rob Meyer
Country: United States
Duration: 84 min
Release: 2016


Movie review: Little Boxes

This movie is one of those movie that makes us go “Hey this is like me” or “I swear to god. They are spying on my life” when we watched it. Throughout the movie, scene by scene, there will be a lot of time that you will find yourself nodding and agreeing. This movie is good because of the conflict that being presented are the very problems we, the normal human beings are facing.

The flow of the movie was consistent and grows persistently, from the beginning where the goodbyes were not rushed and the storyline made it clear that this family decided to move from the city into a suburb for the sake of stability and health benefits.

It’s the decision we made when we were looking for better opportunities not only to ourselves but for the family. In the middle of the plot, goes about the family tried to cope with new surrounding and environment ie molded house and predominantly white neighborhood.

Towards the end, not like any ordinary cliche ending, it doesn’t show that the family had already adjusted instead the plot give us a space for our imagination on creating the endless possibilities. Its just displayed their mundane routine while struggling with their conflicts like us normally do.

Even though throughout the movie they were no clear racists remarks were made, but there were a lot of subtle unconscious racist remarks in which these are what normal people do. For example the father who’s played by Nelsan Ellis, was walking down his neighborhood road when he was stopped by one of his neighbor and instantly was asked “Can I help you?” as if the father who is black and have no business walking around. Or when their kid went to one of their new neighbor’s house and was asked “what kind of rap do you like”. It’s the little subtle thing that we do to other races that were taught to us when we grow up. While these subtle racist remarks seems harmless and normal but that doesn’t mean it is not hurtful.

Overall this movie is brilliant with great music choices. The acts were so seemingly natural by the actors as if they were acting out their daily lives.

IMDB: Little Boxes

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