[Anecdote Trial] Seiten No Hekireki : Chapter 1

“Hey! You came” Jin shouted from afar, Meisa turned and smiled. “Mmm!” Meisa nodded, “Of course. You are going away for god knows how long. Its bad luck if we don’t bid each other goodbye” Meisa kept her half smile on her face, occasionally she would blink back a tear.

Trying to hide the fact she actually doesn’t want Jin to go but she is powerless and has no right to ask him not to go.

“Ma… Thank you for coming. This really mean a lot to me. Demo.. It’ll be better if you don’t come at all” Meisa was taken aback by what Jin said, she kept herself together ‘Not yet. Don’t cry yet’.

“Eh? Nande..?” Meisa pretended eager to know as to why Jin said that. Jin nodded “Because it’s hard to say goodbye to the person you love the most” Jin quickly hugged Meisa.

‘No. Not yet. Don’t cry just yet’ Meisa kept telling that to herself and repeating it like a mantra. She waved at Jin and kept on waved at the dusk left by Jin as if Jin was still there to wave back at her.

A year had past.

Jin gone and just gone. He did not write, call or text. Meisa hold on to the words uttered out from Jin’s mouth. “He loves me, he loves me, he loves me” Meisa kept on reminding herself.

Meisa had live her life in modesty and calmly, the usual turned down outings and feeling content because she know it will be worth it when Jin is back. Everyday she would nod and give herself a good Yankumi’s ‘let-us-run-toward-the-sun-together’ speech while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. “Ah! I need to return the Gokusen DVD” she reminded herself.

Ring ring o ring

“Eh hello?” Meisa couldn’t make it out on who is calling as the number was unknown caller.

“Meisa, Hello” The voice made Meisa’s eyes opened so wide that she doesn’t look Japanese anymore. She froze, the phone glued to her face and no other words came out from her mouth.

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