Movie Review: Identity (2003)

Title: Identity 2003
Summary: Stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rain-storm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realize that they’re being killed off one by one.

Genre: MysteryThriller
Actors: John Cusack, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet, John Hawkes, Alfred Molina, Clea DuVall, John C. McGinley, William Lee Scott, Jake Busey, Rebecca De Mornay, Carmen Argenziano, Marshall Bell, Leila Kenzle, Matt Letscher, Bret Loehr, Holmes Osborne, Frederick Coffin, Joe Hart, Michael Hirsch, Terence Bernie Hines, Stuart M. Besser, Pruitt Taylor Vince,
Directors: James Mangold
Release date: Apr. 25, 2003
Country: USA

If you are looking for a movie that will give a quick perplexed moment or i-don’t-even-know-what-i-don’t-know moment, then this movie is for you. Throughout the movie we were introduced to the characters that will stay with us until the end of the movie.

The storyline was about 10 random people that were stranded in a motel somewhere in the dessert. At first, its looks like it was a pure coincidence on how these character met.

(A minor scene revealed alert!) A character who opened her bag while driving causing one of her heels flew out of her car on to the road. Although seems like a small scene, this scene was a major cause of the entire movie and causes insane butterfly effect . Let’s just said if she hasn’t open her bag then the movie might not be as good as it was.

This movie has two storylines, one part was a setup consist of a judge, lawyers and a prisoner. The way the plot played managed to make us think that the prisoner was actually one of those characters that we see who were stucked at the motel during the storm. Brilliantly, this was also made to convince us the two storylines were moving separately but with one common denominator which is the prisoner.

It wasn’t the gory or blood that captivated audience, it was however the mega plot twist. The type of plot of twist that will make us go “Whaaaa”. It’s mind blasting!! (Reff: Russel Peter).

When it was revealed that all the characters at the motel belong to one person and the person is the prisoner (no shocker there), it started to made sense as to what happened and why the bodies kept on missing and it’s also show the signification as to why keys were left next to the victims. It was a countdown for only one personality to survive and take control the prisoner’s mind and body.

Turned out the scene at the motel were created by the psychologist who were treating the prisoner to eliminate all the personalities, especially the violent personality the one that took control of the prisoner’s mind and brutally killed 6 people.

For the level of mindfuck from twilight (NOT THE VAMPIRE TRILOGY) to 12 monkeys, I would say this is somewhere around The Mist – Stephen King. If you are looking for a mild mind blasting movie (reff: Russel Peter), give this one a try.

IMDB: Identity 2003

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