It Takes Two to Tango

The fault is always the woman. Or so they said.

From the beginning of AD whenever there was a taboo affair be it marital affair or incest, often times we will find ourselves blaming the female, the lady, the woman or the girl.

It takes two to tango.

Both of the parties should get the heat and not just the female. Recently there was a candid pictures taken by an anonymous couple from DAP. Obviously it was meant as personal attack to both man and woman, while it is wrong to do that as both of them are Muslims it is also wrong to just blame the woman alone. The guy is a married man, that is even more disgusting.

DAP has always talk about integrity, so how will they solve this mess? Let’s hope Pakatan or DAP would practice what they preached. If they decided to do something about this mess, make both of them face the music whatever that punishment is.

Lets get one thing straight, you are being liberals and that is your perogative but keep in mind that you are also a public figure and people will do anything to find your skeleton kind of public figure. People will always looking for ways to scrutinize for the sake of different ideas and this perverse obsession that they have.

I sincerely do hope none of the Pro Pakatan cybertrooper would stoop to the same level as UMNO cybertrooper and publish more privates pictures of immoral doings from UMNO / BN members.

On the bright side it just giving us more and more hints that PRU are coming closer, we should expect more scandalous pictures, or to be bold more sex videos just like what UMNO / BN had during last election.

Let this be a lesson to all DAP and Pakatan public figures, just because you go to an eatery on your private time it doesn’t mean the walls and doors doesn’t have any eyes and mouth. Well that’s just stupid. First, don’t generalized and second don’t assume. Keep you private matters behind closed door.

Even though they have been making comments about the pictures, Miss Dyana Sofya did not deny or confirm whether if she was the one in the pictures.

Source: The Malay Mail Online

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