[Anecdote Trial] Zombie Love Attack

‘Today I saw somebody who look just like you, she walks like you do. I thought-‘

Jin singing in the head session was abruptly stopped when an uncle ran into him. Both of them fell down “Ahhhh it hurt it hurt” The uncle scream. Jin quickly stand up and pulled him up “Are you ok sir?”, instead of giving Jin an answer the uncle only gave him a fearful look and quickly ran away millisecond later.

“Eh wait. Eh.. haaa?” Jin finally get a grasp of what happening around him.

He look up and there were a lot choppers and planes in the sky. He turned around and people were running everywhere aimlessly. Jin scratched his head “Was I listening to the music way too loud?” he asked himself.
Jin’s gut was telling him he should run along with other ‘Demo.. where to?’.

Jin tried to look for a place to hide, he saw a place and began to run towards it and then he stopped. ‘Someone else must have been there. I guess lets just run aimlessly for now’ Jin nodded.

Jin ran along with the rest of Tokyo population, going to wherever that is safe.

‘What is going on?’ Jin keep on asking himself that. He started to get furious. ‘I would be getting much better answer if I just asked someone’s. Obviously I don’t know the answers’.

Jin stopped himself from running causing the person who has been running closely behind him to bump into him.

“Ittaaaaaaiiiiii yoooooo” Jin scream and got himself up.
Jin looked at the person who is still on the ground and he’s not moving.

“Zombie… zombie..” those words were all Jin could hear.

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