Movie Review: I Am a Hero

Title: I Am a Hero
Summary: A mysterious virus suddenly spreads throughout Japan causing widespread panic. Armed with only his sporting shotgun, a manga artist runs for his life, meeting strangers along the way.

Genre: Action, Horror
Actor: Masami Nagasawa, Miho Suzuki, Kasumi Arimura
Director: Shinsuke Sato
Country: Japan
Duration: 126 min
Release: 2016


I Am A Hero is a movie with zombie plot based at a city in Japan. You might think that this is just another zombie movie, good ole running away from zombie and accidentally encounter more zombies. Leave it to the Japanese to flip the normal zombie movie into a more gory and filled with shit-you-are-done-for moment.

Japanese based horror and thriller movie genre has never be a let down. Movie like Battle Royale, Kaiji or Suicide club is a clear examples on how gory Japan’s horror genre can be. With that in mind we can safely assume that movie I Am A Hero will be filled with awesome blood work, a nice amount of violence and various type of zombie.

Normally, we don’t get a high jumper athlete zombie, or a shopaholic zombie or even a zombie that thinked he is riding a train.

Writers of this movie have made a tremendous effort on making this movie differ from the rest while still having the same plot. By plot I mean at the beginning there will be people running, in the middle of the movie met and team up with another survivor and for the ending is an epic last-stand battle against the zombie.

For me this movie has one let down, heroin girl zombie is pretty much useless. First she was bitten by a baby hence her zombie infection somehow less which made her a hybrid, half zombie and half human. At first her zombie character did show some wow potential but as the plot evolve, the half zombie character suddenly demoted from awesome hybrid zombie to a nuisance. The hybrid zombie is totally useless. Hybrid zombie was portrayed as strong because she can literally snapped limbs off from a body.

The antagonist of this movie was annoying and when he turned into a zombie he suddenly became a pervert. There you have it, another type of zombie, a pervert zombie. Before the antagonist turned into a zombie, he was pretty much a vindictive person. Like how he setup all of his team mates to get bitten by the zombie. That was great, definitely can feel the oomph but the moment he turned into a zombie he suddenly became a hentai. Which is very Japanese.

Overall this movie score an A for zombie variety, B+ for originality and definitely C for that hybrid zombie which is a huge disappointment.

IMDB: I Am a Hero

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