My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

When we were in our primary schools or playing with the kids around the neighborhood, there’s this one famous game that we always played when we a kid. It’s called “My dad is better than your dad”. This game came with a simple rules, if your dad is cooler than the other dads then you won. And the kids that don’t end up flipping, crying, making out a scene, wins!

That’s it. Simple as that.

But those were those days, right? We are now in our working age, supposedly we have matured enough not to make fun of others parents. Because by right that is not a polite thing to do. This is what adult do, right? We work hard, get those hard earned money and just enjoy ourselves. Normally that is what should have happened. Unfortunately not to everyone, could be that they are not matured enough? Or they grew up with everyone making fun of their dad? So they kept this vengeful feeling all bottled up and when came the right moment they will go “Oh yes. It’s my time to make fun of somebody else’s dad!”

This is true story because it really happened. A presenter from TV3 Network (Malaysian Private Television Network) had openly made fun of somebody else’s dad on a sport shows. Keep in this was a delayed telecast or a recorded ahow which mean the show editor was also an accomplice . The presenter made a sheep sound while pronouncing Malaysia’s top sprinter athlete’s name. The athlete named was Watson Nyambek and what he did was

“Watson Nyambeekkkkkkkk (imitating a sheep sound) beeeekkkkkkkk (yes he does it 2 times)”

Psychologically, a person had to go that low and make fun of somebody else’s dad just so he can come out as a funny (I guess he was trying to be funny when he imitating sheep sound) have a low self esteem. He couldn’t make it on his own account, he had to make fun of somebody else otherwise he wouldn’t get the attention that he needed. Just like a bully. That’s the only way they know to get attention from other by humiliating and hurt other people.

Needless to say, if you don’t have the cut to be funny on your own then don’t. Maybe you don’t have what it takes to be a presenter. You should quit while you are still able to do other job, like something that don’t require you to be funny.

Source: The Star Online

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