Triad In The Air

The famous incident of drag and drop passenger, a new service introduced by the United Airlines was still clear in our mind. It’s the new feature that nobody wanted and if you resist it, you will get a well good bloody nose. While this new feature is still freshly remembered, it seems that Americans Airlines are trying to par up in introducing more customer related features to their airlines services which is called, none other than, hit-a-passenger-with-a-stroller service.

This latest feature was recently used in an American Airline where an employee hit a woman who was holding her child. He took her stroller and hit her with it barely missed the young kid resulting the mother cried. Who wouldn’t cry right? It’s a damn stroller.

The disputed started with a simple request made by the mother who wanted to take the stroller on the plane, instead the employee had violently take the stroller away and hitting her. Thankfully the employee had missed the baby.

A passenger named Surain Adyanthaya managed to record the altercation between the employee ad several other passengers. Report stated that the employee was relieved from duty and the unlucky family had been upgraded to first class for the rest of the long hauled flight.

Here is the question, why is it the airlines employee made it out like it was the lady fault that he is an employee of an airline? It feels like he is hating on his life and projecting a little bit of his emotion toward the lucky mother. To the rest of airlines workers, even if you’re frustrated on life you should never let it out on another person while on plane. You’ll give them first class upgrade and I am pretty sure that would just make your life even more miserable.

Source: Astro Awani

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