Movie Review: Get Out

Title: Get Out
Summary: The movie tells the story of a young African-American man as he visits his Caucasian girlfriend’s mysterious family estate. As the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Horror
Actor: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford
Director: Jordan Peele
Country: United States
Duration: 103 min
Release: 2017

A modern movie about slavery just got weirder especially when hypnotize is being involved. In most slavery movies it always about how a colored or to put it in general, a black person is kept in a family of white’s home. This is the norm, then slaves would do domestics work around the house.
The first few minutes into the movie we were introduced to the cast, an interracial couple consist of white girlfriend and black boyfriend.

They were talking about the family acceptance and then the usual black profiling by the local authority. Ok, so far this movie was on track. We have a black person worried about white’s family, check. Colored profiling, check. We made our mind up that this movie is indeed a black slave movie when the couple reached the girlfriend’s home. We saw a helper who happened to be black and later on another black person working on the lawn.

So it is confirmed. This review is going to be straight forward.

But boy was I wrong, my assumption about the movie being a slave movie weren’t completely right. Things started to slowly blow my mind when the first hint of mind break attempt occurred, it’s when the mother suddenly tap her glass to catch our about to be abducted hero’s attention. From there moment on the plot began to build this urges of trying to figure out this tingly sense like we know there’s something wrong but we can’t really pin it just yet or making us think that “What is going on” and all we can think of is ‘can we just forward to the end and get the answer? Then we will return back to our starting point’.

The writers were smart enough to make a very mind blowing plot twist! As minutes fly by, we slowly and finally manage to put clues and hints together. This movie is more than just a slavery, it’s about abducting, brainwash and brain transplant. Yes. Brain transplant, the white people in the movie is using the black people in the movie for brain transplant. The plot was kind enough to tell us on how things goes down and this is how it goes.

First our main character was hypnotized and his brain has already been set to response to a trigger, for this case it is the sound of tapping on teacup with a teaspoon. Second is showcasing of our main character to the potential buyers, keep in mind that during this process we as audience don’t even know that they were showcasing the main character but just like I said this scene does trigger some what-is-going-on feel in the back of our head. Third was the brain transplant, our main character was introduced to his buyer and was explained on how the transplant work.

So there it goes, this movie do bring a breath of fresh air and take things a further beyond the normal slavery movie level. If there is someone out there trying to top this movie up, they would need to introduce aliens. The level of mind blowing level is in between The Shutter Island and Fight Club.

IMDB: Get Out

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