Movie Review: Personal Shopper

Title: Personal Shopper
Summary: Maureen is a personal shopper who serves wealthy clients in major cities. The film suggests what she sees and reacts to, including a series of knowing texts received even while she is on a train. She believes she is in touch with ghosts.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Actor: Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Sigrid Bouaziz
Director: Olivier Assayas
Country: International, France
Duration: 105 min
Release: 2016

First of all, no this is not about the luxuries of shopping or the shopaholic cross with ghost genre. This movie was about a personal shopper, Maureen played by Kristen Stewart and how she balanced her life in between being sad over the death of her twin brother and the stress of working with a high profile model.

My take on about this movie is, the main character was actually experiencing the stages of grief and loss. There are five stages of grieving, first stage is denial and isolation; second stage is anger; third stage is bargaining; fourth stage is the depression and last stage which is the fifth stage is acceptance. Instead of making the normal grieving type of story the production team go with hybrid story consist of spirituality and daily life problem.

Personal Shopper does not waste anytime in introducing to us what is the movie is all about instead this movie started with the phase of grieving. It began with our main character still believing that she can still able to connect to her recently passed away twin brother. This phase was portrayed through several scenes in the movie for example while she was on the video chat with her boyfriend she clearly stated that she knew that her twin brother did try to contact her.

As the plot thickens, our main character began to have a thing following her around and as she go through her second and third grieving phase. There was texting sessions in between her and a thing. During these phases we can see the main character began to struggle in juggling work and personal times. In fact there were very few personal times that can be seen as the plot move into fourth stage she’s already combined her view on personal life with her work.

The fourth stage were shown as she has fall into depression as she were practically doing things that would make her feel ashamed of herself. All of these actions were triggered by commands from series of texts that she has been receiving from the thing. Things had gotten worse when her boss was murdered and she noticed that the jewelry that was supposed to be at her boss place was actually at her own place. It’s a sign of major depression when people starting to have blackout.

The fifth stage was the acceptance as she finally accepted that her effort in getting through to the other side has been futile, she decided that she would finally be with her boyfriend. While waiting for her boyfriend she has also come to an acceptance that all the things that she has been experiencing was just her imaginations.

Basically this movie is about, we only see and know what our brains want us to see and know. The main character was facing the loss of her twin brother and the stress of handling her job. Towards the end of the movie, her deceased boss’ ex boyfriend had make a confession that he was the one who killed her boss. That could be that the guy had feeling for her and was taking the blame on her behalf.

Overall this movie is about grieving of losing someone but with added extra spiritual element. Personally I couldn’t find another movie of the same type to rate this movie. So for rating I would go for 2 stars out of 5. Not because of plot, but it was the plot drag. Time after time it’ll get bored.

IMDB: Personal Shopper

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