The Elephant In The Room

Let’s not wait anymore, let’s just address the elephant in the room. Normally that is what people always said when they know they can’t no longer hide from the truth. So be a man and go “Let’s just address the elephant in the room. I did it. It was all a lie” .

This is what happened after a witch doctor was caught by the authority. It is about well time that he got caught. He has been repeatedly made it into the headlines but not for the good reason, he is what we call an opportunist. He saw a way to gain popularity and he grabbed it, regardless of the consequences.

He got caught, he is trapped and he can no longer hide away. So he did what he had to do, addressing the elephant in the room. He confessed that all the things he did with the bamboo binocular, the coconuts and the acts were all a scam. He said he was ordered to do so but did not say on who actually giving the orders. Regardless we can safely said he is indeed one those penunggang agama (a person who gain something by selling religion).

The gigantic balls of his to admit to everyone that he was a scammer do deserve a credit to think that in the past he was against all of us the Malaysians standing up to his acts. He even made a crocodile slap threat to one of Malaysian’s minister.

This is starting to become the norm here in Malaysia, we do something stupid and bring shame to Malaysia; after awhile we can easily ask for forgiveness and just tell it out to everyone that everything is fake. It seems now that everyone is taking advantage of the whole you-make-something-and-when-you-got-caught-just-say-sorry routine. For the fact that in Islam there is a rule where you do something bad and then say sorry; for another good measure throw in also this phrase “I’ve repented”. As part of Islam followers we need to accept it and lets just move on.
What a shame.

Source: The Star Online

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