The way of a Trump

US 45th President Elect Donald J Trump was branded as racist and misogynist, he was under heavy scrutinize when he made a pledge where he would build a wall to stop illegal immigrant from other country ie. Mexico. He was again under fire when he decided to block visitors from countries that were believed to produce a lot of terrorists.

What he did may seems harsh and a little bit on the what-effing-he-is-doing side. Sometimes to fix a long and complex problem, a sacrifice is needed where ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’. US have high illegal immigrant problem and mostly are those who were from the Mexico and Southern Americans. For Malaysia whom didn’t run far off the issue had it mostly contributed from Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

It is wrong to generalize an entire population, but the facts are there, and everyday there will be news of the same issues “An Illegal immigrant molest a woman” or “An Illegal immigrant robe a passerby with a machete”. This is the problem, when these illegal immigrants come to a country they bring along their criminal activities into that country. They have this some sort of idea where if it’s the norm in their country then it’s must be the norm for them to do it in the new country.

Latest victim of these illegal immigrant was a Penang jogger who were ambushed and robbed by a construction worker. She suffered cuts while try to ward of the alien. Luckily the preparator was caught and is investigated under Section code 394.

At what point that Malaysian’s Government will finally make a bold move like the Trump’s move? Is it when somebody from higher officer’s family got grope or robbed by an illegal immigrant maybe they would finally realize and put a stop to taking illegal immigrants, vet everyone and why not we make a wall and make the illegal immigrants’ countries pay for it. Somebody need to take responsibilities over their own citizens.

Source: The Star

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