Virals: Snatch theft caught in the act

Ah.. the things tourists like to do the most, selfie. Capturing every moment throughout the holidays. Everybody does it, but not everyone got robbed while doing it.

That is what happened to a tourist from China, she was taking a video at least was trying to and manage to record the whole thing. The tourist had fallen on to the side of the road due to sudden bag snatching. Luckily the tourist lady is safe and had already lodged a police report. Hopefully she gets her identification back.

Let us take this as a lesson, always stay alert to things around us and if we need to take videos during the holiday. We can always do so on the sidewalk. For the rempits and bag snatchers, shame on you. You are physically abled and yet you can’t bring yourself to get a job and get a hold of some responsibility.

You are a waste of life.

Source: The Sun Daily

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