Virals: Parking Rage

The dreaded parking wars. Let’s face it there are few times in our life where our long awaited parking got stolen by others. Sometimes things were fixed by simple exchange of apologies, few times a few curses got thrown around and on very rare occasions a pair of slippers were thrown.

It is said that, during month of Ramadhan all of devils and evil entities are all chained up in hell. By right, all Muslims are supposed to be able to control their anger and urges because there is no evil to persuade them.

Apparently, that is not the case for this Malay family.

Facebook Lim H. En had posted a video where she was waiting for a parking space and after the long wait with signals turned on, a family of meleis decided to be an ass and stole the parking. When confronted by Lim H. En the meleis family went ape and decided to go full uncivilized barbarians by throwing slippers and hit the victim’s car.

Moral of the story: Whenever you see a parking spot, kindly check for any car that has waited for that space. If you decided to be an ass, don’t ever went berserk and throw slippers at others or better, just don’t steal it.

Source: Lim H. En Facebook

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