PSA: To the Lonesome

Picture translation:
Main title: Match Makers Agency

First paragraph: Ready to help men and women who are wanting to find their own soulmate for legal and legitimate wedlock.

Second paragraph: Range of ages are 18 and above but not more than 88 years old. (Older than that you are doomed to no marriage)

Third paragraph: maybe you can find your soulmate with us. Don’t let it wait.

Fourth paragraph:
1. For yourself
2. For your child (To get candidate for in law)
3. For family members
4. Old people (not more than 89 years old)
5. For your friends

Fifth paragraph: Every information are kept secrets

Sixth paragraph: Meetings and arrangements are done off the internet

Moral of the story is that the flyer is about a match making services, to cater the not married yet people. They took upon themselves to bare the responsibility in match making because like always loves, weddings, and religions are the most profitable businesses. Thanks to them people can get marry easily now. #sarcasm

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