News: Terror Attack on #LondonBridge

Extremist or insanity?

Lately we have come to a trend where if a person is not satisfied by something, then that person would suddenly think that they are entitled to kill other people. Could it be that the entitlements these people had is the result of thinking that they actually better than everyone? It is not only crazy but that thought itself is obnoxious. If religions (and by this I mean all the religion) had taught us one thing that one thing is peace. It is the basic things we learn since kindergarten. The teachers would have teach not to hit other people, to always give hugs, share toys and etc. All the peace moral values.

There is a strong phrase from a satire movie named Kung Pow, where the lead actor clearly and brilliantly gave out a new definition for killing other people. He said killing is bad and wrong. A stronger word for killing like bad wrong, badong.

Let’s do a test. Let’s scream the next phrase out loud. Alright here we go, ‘In the name of my dissatisfaction, I am going to kill you!’.
That sounded crazy right?

Weeks after the Manchester’s attack. Britain once again got hit by a terrorist attack in a series of events. Ramming the public on the London Bridge and stabbing bar goers with knife.

Moral of this story is, lately the crazies and terrorists are having too much fun in killing people. We, the sane people should not step down to their level and join them, i.e. the so call sane people feels the need to punish other people for the terror attack. Hence hate crimes increase. Obviously something has to be done and it should be done fast before other attack starts.

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